The best ways to get clients for your digital marketing agency in 2022!

The best ways to get clients for your digital marketing agency in 2022!

As the number of digital marketing agencies increases, it can be challenging for your company to stand out from the crowd. In order to attract new clients, you need to stand out as a unique company. Think about following some of the following strategies to increase your brand’s visibility and popularity, or if you’re a new company just starting out and need to form a client base.

Here is a list of some of the strategies that we at a complete digital marketing agency have designed for you!


Before the call, do research about the company you’re selling to, the person you’ll be talking to, and the pitch structure. It is probably most important to prepare before pitching digital marketing services. The goal of a sales conversation is to collect information and pitch qualified prospects. Before making the call, why wouldn’t you want as much information as possible, so that you can make an informed assessment of the client’s qualifications? It is almost impossible to find a scenario where preparation won’t improve sales conversions. It is almost impossible to find a scenario where preparation won’t improve sales conversions.


All you can do is tell prospective clients how great your job is, but they won’t believe it until they see it for themselves. Your portfolio is the proof you need to show clients how to get digital marketing clients. The team certification from your company can also be convincing.

You need a few key qualities in your online portfolio. To begin with, it must display variety. Clients want to know if you can capture their voice, so you can demonstrate your ability to do so by showing them a variety of brands you’ve already worked with.

You can refer to our online portfolio here:-


Your personal marketing pitch is just as important as your business’s sales pitch. Think of your pitch as an advertisement for you as the company’s leader. If you are in advertising, you get attention in just one minute or less, so think about how you can present your value to prospective clients, or even to colleagues who can, in turn, recommend you to clients:

– Your value as a person should be expressed in a confident manner.

According to the HubSpot blog, you should ask yourself the following questions and incorporate the answers into your pitch:

  • Exactly what do we do? How do we serve you best?
  • What are the goals of what we do? Who are our target audiences?
  • What’s the best way to do it? Do our values and beliefs affect how we work?
  • What is our purpose? Why are we here?

When you pitch, you introduce your own company and your own services.

Explain a little about yourself and your company at the beginning of your pitch. Tell the lead clearly what you can do for them. Based on the knowledge you gained during the qualification process, explain how your services can help the business owner achieve their goals.

You should close your presentation early after presenting the details of your service.


To differentiate yourself from your competition, use pricing when all else fails. You should also do research on your competitors in order to find out what types of services they’re offering and how much they charge. It doesn’t necessarily have to be cheaper; it just needs to be different. If people pay for similar services together, consider offering them in a package at a discounted rate. If a refund is necessary, offer it.

Consider performance-based pricing.

Alternatively, make sure your prices are completely transparent and put them on your website, on social media, and anywhere else you can advertise. Many companies will not tell you their pricing until after you’ve already agreed to meet with them.

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What is Social Media Marketing?

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is the use of social media sites to build your brand, increase sales, and drive traffic to your website. In order to do this, you must publish great content on your social media profiles, listen and engage with your followers, analyze your results, and run advertisements on social media.

Currently, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, and Snapchat are the most popular social media platforms.

1. Social media marketing refers to the use of social media and social networks to market a company’s products and services.

2. By communicating their culture, mission, and tone, companies engage existing customers and attract new ones.

3. Businesses use social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to conduct social media marketing. Check this out:-

Is Social Media Marketing a useful tool for growing your business?

In digital marketing, social media marketing is one of the most important elements, and it has caused a revolution in digital media platforms. It has changed the way businesses interact with their target audiences.

No one can deny that Social Media Marketing is beneficial to established brands as well as to start-ups.

Take advantage of this opportunity and spend as little as seven hours a week to increase your business’s recognition, traffic, and sales for little to no cost. You can do that with Social Media Marketing Strategies.

In terms of marketing, social media platforms offer the following benefits and advantages:

  1. Gets you a better understanding of the Marketplace: One of the main advantages of social media is the ability to gain insight into the marketplace. Do you think talking directly to your customers is a better way to find out what they think or need? In our opinion, no.

By being active on Social Media Platforms, you can learn about your customers’ interests and opinions you might not otherwise be aware of. This is an extremely effective research tool.

2. Knowing your target customers’ interests: In order to successfully market and sell your products, you must create a target audience. This will allow you to better understand your target customers and their interests.

3. Social Media is a cost-effective marketing strategy: The most cost-effective and versatile way to market a business is through social media marketing.

Creating a profile on most social networking sites is free. If you would like to run a paid campaign to boost your content, the cost is quite low compared to other advertising platforms.

Click here to find out more about Paid Social Media Advertising:-

4. Promotes Brand Conversation: An effective social media marketing strategy will create conversations about your brand, products, and partners. You should engage with your audience when they comment on your social media messages. Let them know that there is a person behind the brand. It will give them a better perception of your company if they feel like they’re not talking to a robot.

What are the 5 Core pillars of Social Media Marketing ?


Today, the most popular social media platforms are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest. You can also find smaller platforms, such as Tumblr, Anchor, etc., and social messaging platforms, such as WhatsApp, Messenger, and WeChat. If you are going to be on all platforms, it is better to select a few that you believe your target audience is on.

Would you benefit from any type of content?

Business, educational, entertaining, and other types of content are available. These can include images, videos, and links.


The key to social media marketing for small businesses is having a consistent presence on social networks.

Three billion people use social media. As a result, by engaging on social media platforms, you make it easier for potential clients to find your brand. Social media platforms make it very easy and popular to post a blog post, an image, or a video. It is very similar to posting on your own Facebook profile. The content should be scheduled ahead of time, rather than posted in a hurry.


You cannot control what people say about your brand on social media. You should monitor what people say about your business online. Getting a positive comment gives you the opportunity to delight them.

Publish great content that your audience likes at the right timing and frequency to expand your reach on social media.


In order to learn how your social media marketing is performing, whether you are posting content or engaging, you need to learn how you are doing. Have you reached more people on social media than the month before? How many good mentions will you get each month? In how many social media posts does your brand name appear as a hashtag?

You can use social media analytics tools to obtain more in-depth analytics information or to compare it across social media platforms.

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Social media advertising may be an option once you have enough funds to expand your social media marketing. Using social media ads allows you to reach a broader audience than those who follow you.

In today’s world, social media advertising platforms are so powerful that you can determine precisely who your ads will be shown to. You can target audiences based on their backgrounds, interests, attitudes, and more.

What are the best Social Media Platforms for Marketing ?



It is important to first build a strong brand strategy. We explain why this is so and explain how you can do so.

If you don’t have a brand strategy, it’s like driving to an unknown destination without a map. The process will require a lot of time and effort, but you will end up somewhere you didn’t intend to go. To navigate your campaigns, you need to define your brand values, brand story and messaging.

It is important to understand what kind of story a brand tells, the message it conveys, and its values to direct your campaigns appropriately. Brand and marketing strategies should be clearly defined to increase your chances of success.

Branding is more than just a logo, name, or slogan; it is the entire experience you want customers and prospects to have when they interact with your company.

Today, I will guide you through the steps of developing a branding strategy for your business.



The term “brand” was originally used to describe names, slogans, signs, symbols, or other designs that distinguished one company from another. Today, the concept of branding is complex and essential.

Every company needs a branding strategy. A company’s brand strategy decides its future, whether it sells products or services. Building a brand takes time, is uncomfortable, and may be fraught with problems.

“Branding” or “Marketing”?

“Marketing is a subset of Branding”

Branding and marketing are two aspects of the same concept.
                     Branding is strategic. Marketing is tactical.
Ø  Marketing is what you do to get your message or promise to customers;
Ø  Your brand is how you keep the promise made, through delivery to customers and colleagues.

Why is “Brand Strategy” so important ?

Every business needs a strong brand. The backbone of any company’s future is its brand, whether it’s a product or a service. Developing a company’s branding plan can be difficult and seem pointless at times. This is not true. You can refer SoDigital’s Social Media Marketing & Branding Services.


  1. CREATE YOUR BRAND VOICE :- The brand voice is the emotion and personality infused into a company’s communications. Your brand needs a consistent voice throughout your marketing funnel to build consistency and presence. Here are a few definitions to help you understand how everything fits together.

The process of designing a new website is usually very exciting. There is a lot of discussion about templates, photography, iconography, and color schemes. It is equally important to consider how it will sound and how it will look. How would you describe your brand voice?

A WEBSITE is a great place to explore your brand’s voice for B2B companies. Your brand can also establish its own unique voice so that it stands out from the competition and connects with visitors more strongly.

2. UNDERSTANDING THE CUSTOMER JOURNEY:- To grow your business and maintain long-term relationships with your customers, you should view the customer journey as a cycle where customers become brand ambassadors and refer friends to you.

3. EXECUTE YOUR BRAND STRATEGY: –   Having written your strategy, you need to execute it effectively across all your channels. Here are the steps to follow.


The visual identity of your brand represents who you are. We’re talking about the logo, colors, typography, and other elements. After creating your brand strategy, it is time to develop your visual identity to properly communicate your brand values.

Here’s an example to demonstrate the visual identity among companies.


Lastly, you need a good team to implement your branding strategy. A strategist should build the strategy, a designer should create visual guidelines, and a marketing manager should ensure the campaigns and creativity are in line with the brand’s voice and values.

In order to strategize Brand Strategy, you can refer to Punit Chawla’s UI designing: –

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The Digital Age of video marketing: You’ll never need another guide!

The Digital Age of video marketing: You’ll never need another guide!

Starting video marketing now is a great idea if you haven’t already. As video popularity grows, video marketing has become a must-have for every business. No matter what your background or skill level is, we provide a step-by-step guide to help you become an expert. “Content-driven marketing takes on a whole new look.”. The use of video is capturing consumer attention like never before. YouTube is now the most important channel for brands looking to engage with millennial audiences and increase outreach and revenue.

Those new to video marketing should start at the beginning and work their way through to the end. We encourage you to pick and choose the topics that are best suited to your skills. The use of visual content should be a part of every content strategy, regardless of the type of business. If you have never tried this before or tried and aren’t getting results, where do you start?

Let’s understand what is Video Marketing and why should you do it?

Video marketing is the process of planning, creating, editing, publishing, and promoting video content to promote a brand, business, or product. Platforms used by businesses for video marketing include YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat, Vimeo, and Instagram. In video marketing, awareness is raised, engagement is created, and sales are driven. In digital marketing, videos are used to promote products and services.

Here are a few points that may convince you to invest some time in video marketing:

  • About half of all internet users watch videos about products or services before purchasing (Google)
  • If time, budget, and other resources weren’t an issue, 73% of marketers would create more marketing videos. (Buffer)
  • Over 10% of businesses now use online video on their website landing pages (Impact)


Like any marketing campaign, the first step of your first video campaign is to determine your goals and targets. How will you measure your campaign’s success?

The best way to define the purpose of your video marketing is to determine its place in the marketing funnel.

  1. AWARENESS- It is important that you craft a story and provide valuable information about your service or product. The video should be short, helpful, and inspirational or entertaining. To help the audience access some exclusive information, a CTA can direct people to a landing page or provide detailed content.

2. CONSIDERATION- There are likely many options the customer is considering online when considering a purchase. For this reason, you’ll want to make the video a little longer, incorporating demos and testimonials, for example. Video visuals and explainers can be extremely useful for showing the product.

3. DECISION- You need to ensure the buying process is smooth and clear for your customer. You should also make the customer feel as if they have some control over the process. If necessary, you can ensure that they understand how products should be used, assembled, and returned.

4. DEFINING YOUR AUDIENCE- The key to a successful marketing campaign is knowing who you are marketing to. By defining your target audience, you can learn who you’re talking to and what they’re interested in.




Content marketing: 7 brands that make a big impact!

Content marketing: 7 brands that make a big impact!


Jay Barer once said, “Content is Fire. Social Media is Gasoline”. No doubt about it.

In order to create shareable and original digital content, brands strive to be original. As brands make every effort to create better content, social media marketing is not taking a back seat. The marketing process changes constantly in India due to the adoption of new norms. Today, many brands are making marketing records and changing marketing as we know it.

Take a cue from these Indian brands :



The Amul brand is one of the most successful and popular brands in India. With its wide range of dairy products, Amul has become a household name among Indian families. All of us in our homes probably have at least one product made by Amul. Amul – The Taste of India is a family-friendly, patriotic jingle for its marketing campaign.

Its brand icon, Amul Girl, appears on most of these advertisements with a fresh edge and often humorous catchphrases, making them the talk of the town.

We – The motivated and devoted workforce of AMUL- are committed to producing wholesome and safe foods of excellent quality to remain market leader through the deployment of quality management systems, state-of-art-technology, innovation, and eco-friendly operations to achieve delighted of customers and betterment of milk producers.



A. An Indian marketing icon, Amul Girl: The Story –

Regardless of the social situation, Amul’s campaigns reflect the point of view of the majority. Throughout Amul’s content, the evergreen Amul girl tells the story from her perspective, making the brand even more human. Back in 1967, Amul created the Amul Girl in response to Polson’s butter-girl. This is the longest-running ad campaign in history!

The company has expanded from selling dairy products to selling chocolates and will enter the biscuit business later this year. It was trying to beat Britannia’s Good Day by claiming that its cookies contain 25% butter. They introduced ice cream in 1996 and had around 8,500 exclusive parlors in India by 2010.



Coca-Cola has been using its own content to promote itself since nearly ten years ago. Coca-Cola wanted to reengage teens and young adults who loved the beverage.

“Share a Coke” was ultimately about storytelling. The marketing team launched a campaign called “Share a Coke” that was an instant hit. By giving a Coke to someone else, this campaign bridged the distance between loved ones, especially those who live far from you. Kudos to Coca-Cola India in particular. It has always been ahead of the game with its content. For example, here is an old ad that most Indians are familiar with.

Share a Coke proved that focusing your marketing resources on what your audience values are worth it.



Coca-Cola aims at building its brand through “Creating Brand Value through Content Excellence”. Achieving this goal is one of the most difficult parts of creating a brand, but the rewards are very great. Coca-Cola is a great example of how to achieve your goals. Are you aware of the effectiveness and relevance of traditional media today, in light of how consumers access and share information today? Coca-Cola is!

To increase engagement, they need to make content a critical part of their marketing strategy. It is important for brands to provide a platform that promotes and facilitates conversations, especially with the use of digital media. Some have asked how to moderate or control such conversations. The good news is that you can do less to get more. All you need is the right strategy and the right audience.

Creating the right connection is not just about engaging the audience or facilitating conversations, but is also about encouraging purchase and boosting the value of your brand.


Making-A-Wish provided a visual representation of its impact on people through one child’s experience. As you can imagine, the campaign was also emotionally charged. This is an excellent piece of content marketing. Content marketing efforts by Make-A-Wish Foundation are an example of best practices. It’s not just big brands that provide inspiration. Using emotional appeals, the non-profit organization was able to get people’s attention and inspire them to act.



There is a well-established audience for Zomato. They know what motivates people to use their service, and never fail to bring out the foodie in you! Zomato, which launched in 2008, has evolved from searching for restaurants to delivering food directly to their customers. The best approach would be to target students and office workers, as well as people who eat outside occasionally. Some startups, including Zomato, have created social media accounts to engage their customers. In order to connect with customers and reach out to potential customers, a business based on applications should utilize social media.

For an example- Youtube tweeted- ‘Guys, kabhi kabhi raat ke 3 baje, phone side pe rakh ke so jana chahiye’

For Zomato, quality is more important than quantity when it comes to posting on social media. All platforms work equally well with them- Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and blogs alike. The use of too many social networks may ruin your marketing campaign, according to some experts. By using multiple channels for content marketing, Zomato shows us that we can do it efficiently.

Businesses recently have been making a better effort to get to know and understand their consumers, as opposed to pushing them to consume their goods.



Cadbury was founded by John Cadbury in Birmingham, England, in 1824.
As of 2010, Cadbury India has its headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Cadbury India was founded in 1948. “Cadbury House” is the name of the company’s head office in Mumbai. Presently, the company offers a variety of chocolate confectionery products, beverages, and biscuits. Among its most popular products are Milk, Oreo, Tang, Bournvita, etc. Another FMCG giant in India, Hindustan Unilever Limited, has also partnered with Kwality Wall to make Kwality Walls Cornetto Oreo and Kwality Wall gems.



Cadbury’s biscuit brand Oreo has launched a very clever campaign that reflects our current situation: Staying at home.

There is a new advertising campaign from Oreo called #AtHomewithOreo. Through this campaign, Oreo encourages playfulness among children at home in these uncertain times. The campaign’s slogan is ‘Make Way For Play’. Perfect for the current situation, isn’t it?


In India, customs and traditions play a huge role, especially when people are starting something new with auspicious circumstances. Cadbury India launched a campaign called “Kuch Meetha Ho Jaaye”, in which they positioned Dairy Milk as a sweet that could be enjoyed at happy times of our lives. It was a pleasure to see Cadbury India showing people of all ages celebrating big and small moments of their lives with the Cadbury Dairy Milk brand. Amitabh Bachchan, the legendary Indian actor, also supported the campaign.

It perfectly illustrates the idea of “Kuch Meetha Ho Jaaye”

Cadbury India enjoyed some of its most successful campaigns, which helped cement a strong connection with its customers, clearly visible in its balance sheet.



The term “Netflix and chill” comes from the popular video streaming service in the US. A tagline for Instagram is “Hum, Tum, Aur Tudum” (Netflix’s theme music). A video streaming service and production company have now been launched after what started as a DVD sale and rental service via mail. By publishing content on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, they prove they’re worth your money and time.

To engage their fans and followers, Netflix India uses micro-videos and photos from their movie and series libraries on social media. Netflix also curates memes to engage its fans. In this way, Netflix engages users in their social media accounts while also showing them how to make the most of their subscriptions.



Flipkart is one of the pioneering Indian online brands to utilize TVCs as their main content marketing tool. Their ads are really catchy and cute with children dressed as adults.

Despite their topicality, these videos are hilarious and extremely engaging! Flipkart always brings smiles to their customers’ faces with their creativity, messaging, and sense of humor, regardless of the offer or the service announcement.



Before merging in 2018, Idea and Vodafone were separate cellphone providers. Both companies served niche markets within a competitive network segment. In 2007, Vodafone entered India as a UK-based telecommunications company, using digital content to promote customer engagement and brand awareness.

The Vodafone Ads would convey their messages without any or very little speech, compared to other providers who used traditional advertisement templates. Using funny characters, they portrayed common situations in their popular ZooZoo Ads to introduce customers to their plans, offers, and ways to recharge. Due to its focus on visuals instead of audio to deliver the message, it could resonate with audiences regardless of their language or culture. This is an excellent content marketing example for breaking language barriers and showing solidarity with people across the nation.


There is no longer just a race to manufacture the best goods or offer the best services. For brands, agencies craft the right content for generating awareness and leads. Therefore, we are able to provide some of the best content marketing examples here. You are now closer to the manufacturers, as the ones on the list are interested in learning more about you.

Social media is a great way for you to make a complaint about a product or service. By using the internet, they make sure you are aware when a new product is launched. Due to the low cost of mobile data in India, content marketers and service providers are expected to reach a wider array of audiences in India.