At SoDigital, creativity is a way of life. Our digital marketing team brings a certain ‘spark’ to the table. A reason is considered before a method is considered. Because of this, our clients keep coming back to us – we look at everything from every angle before we rebuild it into something bigger and better. 

We don't do back-end coding but we provide one simple solution to all problems.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average time of making a website?

It can take quite a while to build websites that seem very simple at first glance. The majority of websites today are equipped with an array of advanced features, so they take longer to build. Also, it is vital to consider how long the process of planning and design will take.

In the case of an agency, building a website typically takes two to four months. But, it will also depend on your needs. Making a smaller 8-page brochure website takes less time than creating a 1000 page mega-site.

Would you able to help me rank high on google?

It is like gold dust to rank on page one of Google search results. A few years ago, this was fairly easy. These days, it’s a lot more challenging, and getting it wrong can hurt your reputation. It’s a good thing we have all the SEO tools and know-how to maximize your chances, along with some satisfied customers who can vouch for us.

Is there any way to communicate throughout the website build process?

Our initial communication is usually done over the phone or via Skype before we start working together. From then on, most of our communication will be done via email.

So, we are able to save all the information and refer back to it later, which makes the process much easier. As soon as the project is completed, we will schedule an one-hour digital marketing training session for you.

What is the point of your web-designing services, if WordPress is free?

Using WordPress for free is certainly a good thing. If you hire us to create your site, there are no ongoing costs. However, once your site is built and launched, you’ll need to pay for design and development services.

What happens to the copyright of my website if I move to another agency?

Your website is yours. It won’t be a problem if you move, and we won’t penalize you for it.

what is the turnaround time for SEO results?

If you have any questions, you can personally ask Google. As a general rule, it takes between four months to a year, on average, for SEO to help your business implement improvements and see benefits.

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