The subject line of an email can generate clicks, and an attractive email can attract subscribers. Email marketing, when used effectively, offers several unique benefits for businesses compared to other kinds of content marketing. 

We at SoDigital, a leading digital marketing company in New Delhi, India, offer effective email marketing services that encourage users to click, read, and take action.


Your email marketing campaign is the key to building strong relationships with your existing customers, generating leads for your business, and even maintaining customer relationships.

Since it is one of the most effective and personalized forms of marketing, if done correctly, it can be extremely effective! 


Our highly skilled team of marketers ensure all communications are aligned with your brand and goals completely, while our design team makes it visually appealing and memorable. In addition, we help you target the right audience for maximum conversions and ROI.

We also streamline the emailing process so that it becomes an easy and secure process! Once you’ve already got your big idea in mind, our social media and content teams can help you refine it to keep your readers engaged.


Our team can also help you craft the perfect subject line to ensure that it doesn’t end up in the spam or junk folders. In addition to testing an email, we ensure that it is reaching the right folder and audience before we send it out.

Campaign Execution


If you use online email marketing, you have several options to determine if your marketing is hitting the mark.

Using A/B testing and multivariate testing you can test the subject line, the time you send the email, and the content of your email itself. This information can help you revise your email marketing strategy to increase engagement.

Analytics in Email Marketing


Using email marketing services, you can gain valuable insights into the effectiveness of your targeted email marketing campaigns. Open rate, click rate, click-through rate (CTR), bounce rate, and conversion rate are engagement metrics that show the best results. 

By decoding your marketing goals with numbers, you can then better reach your target audiences.

Campaign Management in Email Marketing


The SoDigital Marketing Agency offers a variety of email marketing solutions that are tailored to fit your brand needs, budget, and ideal market. 


We can discuss the importance of email marketing in achieving your goals with our email marketing agency.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a way to make customers read my emails?

Customers open emails from people they know and those that seem relevant to them. To begin, you must first understand your customer’s expectations and what matters to them most.
Prior to sending an email, ask yourself, “Does the subject line matter to my customer? ” Customers connect instantly with emails that are personalized and relevant to their needs. A message that creates excitement will also be read by them.
Focus on the value you create for the customer and the benefits you offer.

Do you have any tips on how to write an email?

Content that is customer-valued, such as a discount or sale, will inspire an immediate response. E-mail is more than a way to tell clients how to save money.

Every brand has a journey to take every customer to the end of the sales funnel and make a sale.

You connect with your audience through emails, build interest in your brand, build trust, and then talk about the sale. You might get a positive response once or twice if you talk directly about the sale, but to convert the customer into a loyal one you have to take this journey.

Is there a way to prevent people from unsubscribing?

An email’s basic purpose is to first connect with the customer, utilizing this tool to its maximum potential.
Still, have questions? We know you eagerly await their answers. Connect with our team and have them answered.

We also have a blog where you can learn more about email marketing.

Will my sales increase as a result of an email marketing campaign?

Your email campaigns will surely boost sales if you inspire and stimulate your audience to invest in your brand/product.
You should convey to your audience how your product/service will satisfy their needs and provide them with value.

To build trust, share testimonials and case studies.

Make an email with inspiring content and visually strong images (a picture is worth a thousand words) that connect emotionally and rationally with the customer.

Which is the best way to analyze the results of an email campaign?

Would you like to know how your email campaign performed? Follow these steps: 

1) Click-through rate: This is the percentage of recipients who clicked on the links in your email. It provides insight into how well your email campaign performed.

2) Conversion rate: This reflects the number of people who opened your email, read it, and responded. We make it easy for you with our email marketing services.

3) Bounce Rate: When we see that “your email bounced”, this means that it never got to the intended recipient. The response to your email can be improved by managing bounces in various ways.

With SoDigital, you can easily build email marketing automation.

What is email marketing automation?

With SoDigital, you can easily build email marketing automation as –

1) Using targeted emails and optimized workflows, create more successful campaigns to reach the right people at the right time.

2) Send permission-based, spam-free emails to customers, partners, suppliers, etc.

3) You are able to track the impact of your targeted email marketing campaigns by using our email marketing services.

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