Web analytics without big data is like working blind. It is as simple as that.

One of the most important aspects of digital is data. In order to increase ROI and improve performance, we need factual information in order to make decisions. 

In our data-driven approach to digital marketing, we work with tools such as Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics as our team of data geeks works hand-in-hand with clients,

Using So Digital's service to sharpen your business and deliver the best marketing results is vital to scaling growth,

We'll be able to identify the most valuable insights about your Paid Media strategy by turning your Paid Media data into charts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is a Web Analytics?

A web analytics service collects data, then takes that information and analyses it for you. Many services allow marketers or webmasters to view visual maps, graphs, and detailed data about their website visitors in real-time. 

By analyzing a website’s traffic and users, you can figure out their behavior and what they are doing. Information like this provides valuable marketing intelligence and helps with making better decisions, such as what to offer online and where to do it.

How often Do I Need to Check these Analytics?

To ensure your statistics are increasing after launching a new website, you should monitor your analytics every week. It only takes a few hours to assess and collect data by the end of a month when you have a good web presence.

Analytics is a vital tool for digital marketers who wish to use it to grow their digital presence and enhance their efforts. Those who want to use it strategically should check it weekly.

What is Google Analytics?

In the present day, Google Analytics is one of the most popular analytics platforms. This tool will give you a quick overview of your web traffic, and best of all, it’s free and relatively easy to use.

How Can Analytics Be Most Effectively Used?

With the power of Web analytics, we can assess the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns, identify bugs, and build customer profiles to boost our advertising and sales. 

It is essential that every successful business understands and utilizes the data it receives from customers, competitors, and partners. 

  1. Track online traffic on your website: Using web analytics, you can find out: Your website’s overall visitors and users at any given time. From where do they come? How are they using the website? How much time do they spend on the website? 
  2. Tracking Bounce Rate: In analytics, bounce rate refers to the number of visitors who leave the site without interacting with it. If our bounce rate is high, we might learn the following:
    There was a feeling that this content wasn’t for them, or it didn’t match well with their search query. Overall, an unsatisfactory user experience.
  3. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO): Conversion optimization can only be improved through the use of web analytics. The aim is to get users to perform actions that are assigned to them.

When goals are divided by users, the conversion rate is calculated.

How Are Analytics Tied to Search Engine Optimization ?

Search engine optimization affects most analytics data. A rise in search engine ranking (SERPs), more organic traffic (instead of paid search traffic), as well as an increase in new visitors, is necessary for SEO to work.

You can also measure your search engine ranking by tracking how many visitors reach your site through certain keywords. Searching for “optometrist”-related keywords will likely result in you being ranked high. It allows you to see how customers search for keywords and to adjust your content. 

What can I expect from Google Analytics?

Does data make you look better? Of course, it does. Digital marketing requires you to know the results of your efforts. This includes organic search engine optimization, paid advertising (such as Google AdWords or Facebook), or third-party listings.

By ignoring your goals and conversions, you’re failing to give your marketing campaigns the attention they deserve.

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